Issue 090 May/Jun 2019

So I was thinking, why not start this issue’s editorial note by directing your attention to Rich Thompson’s brilliant live photography – see below for a shot of Behemoth’s Nergal during a crushing set to an enraptured Birmingham audience. As I was sifting through Rich’s sets of photos from some of the shows he’s shot for us recently I couldn’t help but feel a little wave of sadness. Perhaps it was Rich’s sumptuous live pictures that reminded me just how much things have changed since we started publishing ZT back in 2004 – 15 years ago; “everyone’s a photographer” these days afterall – we’re told that by them wot develop the smartphones that glow throughout audiences as swathes of people choose (yeah, yeah, ‘choose’ is debatable) to view live shows through their little raised all-seeing-and-hearing rectangular eyes… Photos taken, videos recorded – but for what? To be scrolled past by phone zombies with concentration spans of less than zero as they shuffle along barely able to crane their necks upwards from their prized possession?

Behemoth by Rich Thompson

During the 15 years that we’ve been around we were told, in no uncertain terms by some miserable people, that “print is a dead format”. How wrong they were/are – and I know that I’m speaking to the converted, but has anyone noticed just how many magazines there are on the shelves these days? A lot, right? But admittedly not so many these days covering the material we do, which is why we’ve decided to add some extra pages to Zero Tolerance as often as possible, starting with our next issue, #091 (you’re in for a bit of a treat, the cover interview is already done and it’s a good ‘un), so who knows, perhaps we’ll have a little more room to include some more excellent live photography; we’re already busy tweaking a few sections and working on some new features, which we’ll look forward to presenting to you in a slightly longer format at the end of June!

Did I just manage to not mention that we’ve got Darkthrone on the cover of this, our 90th edition? Yes, but you’ve got the magazine in your hands so you know that already – and if there’s one thing we no doubt all agree on it’s that Fenriz and Nocturno Culto never, ever fail to provide anything short of an excellent interview, so enjoy it, and the rest…

Lisa Macey


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