Issue 089 Mar/Apr 2019

The smoke is practically coming off my keyboard as I attempt to cobble together this editorial message while meeting the deadline for this issue. An issue that has been a very enjoyable one to work on – if a bit of a challenge with herding and chasing everyone involved to ensure we’re able to kick this one out the door and off to print so that you can get it in your hands as quickly as possible. I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how it’s been possible to get so much in, but our writers – as ever – have pulled out all the stops to ensure we’re able to deliver the most diverse extreme music coverage around. This time we’ve managed to include all four of the special sections we run semi-regularly – the doom, death, black and dark ambient features are a real treat, and alongside an enormous (redesigned) Rapid Fire section, there’s a lot to get your teeth into.

And then there’s the cover. Back in May 2018 I went along, together with a bunch of journalists from across Europe, to Orgone Studios in deepest, darkest… Woburn. It was blazing hot, and producer Gomez threw the doors open while Vltimas were still knocking about after recording, to give us a listen to the then unfinished album. The listening session was shrouded in mystery – Rune Eriksen nodding away, listening intently to the unfinished mix – Flo Mounier leant against the doorway, interjecting between tracks with temporary titles they’d given them; David Vincent, who delivers an exceptional performance across the album, incredibly modest, preferring to sit outside the control room. That there was a lot of head nodding and knowing grins between those journalists present was a dead giveaway that this was going to be very well received on its eventual release…. We all departed, going our separate ways – and then it all went quiet, with a halt being put on any reporting until we received the green light from the label.

Well, it’s felt like bloody ages, which is why it’s with great pleasure that we finally welcome them as Calum Harvie spoke to them in depth for this issue’s cover feature. But whatever you do, don’t refer to them as a supergroup, they won’t thank you for it…

So get stuck in and we’ll see you again on April 26th for no less than our 90th edition! Oh, and Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill’s column will be back next issue if you’re wondering where it is.

Lisa Macey


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Cover Feature Vltimas

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