The hugely influential crust-punk/thrash band Hellbastard have announced that they will be releasing a new vinyl EP that is strictly limited to only 1000 copies.  Pre-orders are underway right now, however they will cease on 15 November.  The upcoming EP, titled “Sons of Bitches,” will be released on Patac Records, and features a re-recorded version of “We Had Evidence” from their 1988 album “Heading For Internal Darkness.”


The track listing for “Sons of Bitches” consists of the following:

01. Arcadia

02. Sons Of Bitches

03. System Whore

04. We Had Evidence

05. Throw The Petrol Bomb


Hellbastard, who call Newcastle-Upon-Tyne home, formed in late 1984 with the intention of crossing politically and socially aware lyrics with thrash.  The band only released a handful of albums, EPs, and splits before packing it in roughly 8 years later in 1992.  However, founding member Malcolm “Scruff” Lewty saw fit to reform Hellbastard in 2008 after a growing internet buzz circulated, commenting “It had to be done. There was a massive interest in the band worldwide and a friend from Los Angeles made a Hellbastard internet site which got thousands of hits in a very short time. This was all well and good but it was consistency that had a big part in the Hellbastard revival. It was things like this and my own gut instinct which told me to reform the band. Besides, it is a great live band. If I wasn’t in the band, I’d definitely wanna go and see us! It’s the energy and passion… it always comes across.”

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