Exclusive Q&A with John Tardy of Obituary.


As the ZT sponsored ‘Rotting Slowly In Europe’ tour is creeping ever closer, we thought it was a good time to catch up with John Tardy of Florida death metal legends Obituary for an exclusive chat about their thought process in putting together an old school set that they are about to unleash across Europe…


ZT: As your “Rotting Slow In Europe” tour is approaching, can you tell us the thought process behind putting together a “classic albums” set?


JT: We had some promoters asked if we would be interested in doing a classic set. We thought about it and decided that it would be a cool thing to do. We are working on a new album, but do not have it done yet, and “Darkest Day” is a few years old now, so it seemed to makes sense to put together a new set. The first thought was to maybe play the whole “Slowly We Rot” album, but then decided to open it up to our fans to get their thoughts. We got a great response with so many ideas that it was a hard decision on what to play. We also realized that “The End Complete” was 20 years old and thought we have to play songs off that album. What we decided to do was play songs off only the first 3 albums.


ZT: There must be some songs from those albums you haven’t played live in a very long time, or perhaps ever. Which of those are you most looking forward to playing, and why?


JT: Going back and listening to those albums was pretty funny at first. Donald and I put on “Slowly We Rot” and started to listen to some of those songs and were like, “What were we thinking?” Some of these songs we had not played in years and some of them we had never played live! Then it seemed like we needed to play every song. After listening to all 3 albums we had so many songs we thought we had to play it was hard to get it down to a proper set, and it really took some time to work that out. “Intoxicated”, “Bloodsoaked” and “Back to One” are 3 songs I am really looking forward to doing. They have just always been favorites of mine.


ZT: What else can people expect on the tour? Some cover versions that tie in to the time period of the albums, perhaps?


JT: The set is just songs of the first 3 albums. We sometime play a Celtic Frost cover but we want this to be just Obituary.


ZT: Having been around for so many years, how have you seen things change in the metal scene? And what has been good and bad about those changes?


JT: Sometime the more things change, the more they same the same. The internet and music downloads have changed what we do so much. The internet allows us instant communication with our fans and the ability to reach more people around the world, than ever before. It also allows fans to buy our music instantly! That is all good, but with the internet it also allows people to get our music for free so easy. That has really hurt the whole music industry. It makes bands tour more, charge more for tickets and charge more for merchandise. But, at the end of the day, when we do a show, metal fans are metal fans and that has not changed at all.


ZT: Beyond the tour, what is happening with the band in terms of  a new album?


JT: We are slowly working on a new album. What we have done is really sounding cool. Very heavy! We are hoping to finish that up after we get home from this Euro run and get that out sometime this summer!



November 2012

22- ludwigsburg, Germany

23- Trier, Germnay

24- Leeuwarden, Netherlands

25- Deventer, Netherlands

27- Berlin, Germany

28- Ostrava, Czech
Barrack Music Club

29- Wien, Austria

30- Cham, Germany
LA Club

december 2012

1- LouvainLe Neuve, Belgium
Mass Destruction Festival

2- Paris, France
Divan Du Monde

4- Dublin, Ireland
Button Factory

5- London, UK

6- Essen, Germany

7- Geiselwind, Germany

8- Milan/Seregno, Italy
Honky Tonky

9- Colmar, France
Le Grillen

11- Lyon, France

12- Luzern, Switzerland
Konzertaus Schuur

13- Munich, Germany

14- Eindhoven, Netherlands
Eindhoven Metal Meeting

15- Leipzig, Germany


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