HelheimNorwegian Viking metal quartet Helheim will release their ninth studio album, landawarijaR, on January 20th via Dark Essence Records.

Talking about the release to Zero Tolerance, bassist / vocalist V’gandr said, “All the music [for landawarijaR] was made in the same time span as [2015’s] raunijaR, though with a different approach. We wanted both releases to be different where raunijaR followed in the footsteps of Åsgards Fall, landawarijaR follows in the footsteps of Heidindomr ok motgangr from 2011. Differences will be noticed, as always with Helheim. This time we’ve taken the melodies and stretched them even further to bring forth an even more solemn landscape. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on musical layers –  that must be [our] most significant progression as a collective. I can also stress that it’s not in any way linked to raunijaR. This is a piece of work than stands solely on its own two feet. Yes, we also use clear vocals on this release as well, but more in the dualism of the screaming vocals. The overall musical variety is also more present this time around.”

“The title, landawarijaR, means protector of the land. This is an old pre-norse inscription and has, of course, no political connotations whatsoever. The lyrics deals with putting the runes into a modern context and to utilise its importance, but also how the impotence it may bring when reflecting on the stale world of ours. It’s reverence with a bitter taste in your mouth, so to speak. As always my own reflections are deeply rooted and I’m not turning any lighter as the years go by. Rather older and grumpier than ever before, haha!”

Helheim landawarijarThe tracklisting for landawarijaR is:
1. Ymr
2. Baklengs mot intet
3. Rista blodørn
4. landawarijaR
5. Ouroboros
6. Synir af heidindomr
7. Enda-dagr

landawarijaR is released on 20 January 2017 via Dark Essence Records.


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