tmy_dying_bride_1aFollowing confirmation of his band’s debut appearance at next year’s Roadburn Festival, My Dying Bride‘s Aaron Stainthorpe has been talking to Zero Tolerance about their plans for that performance.

“We’re both equally nervous and excited as we’ve never attempted to perform an LP in one live session before,” he comments. “We will be performing the whole of Turn Loose The Swans album – except the last outro, ‘Black God’ – which is a first for us. The reason is that it is considered to be a bit of a classic record and the fans have been asking for an event like this for some time and we can now finally answer that call. The set is around 75 minutes, so we will also be playing a few extra songs from that period – material we’ve not done for a very long time. So, lots to look forward to. Rehearsals begin now so that we’re on top of our game when the time comes.”

By the time Roadburn 2017 comes around, Turn Loose The Swans will nearly 25 years old. Reflecting upon how My Dying Bride have evolved over the subsequent quarter of a century, Aaron says, “We’re…a much more mature and precise act, crafting our songs with passion and focus, and hoping to deliver them in as perfect way as we can. But we’ll never loose sight of those early days and when we perform Turn Loose… it will be as it should be – just like the record, and delivered with great passion. There will be no remixing or changing things around or messing about with riffs. It will be just right.”

Roadburn will be one of only a handful of performances My Dying Bride will be making next year, however. “We have thinned down our live appearances for 2017, perhaps only doing three or four shows. We are writing a new LP and do not like the interruptions that rehearsing older songs takes up – we must remain focused on the next album. If all goes well, we should be able to get the next one out at the end of next year, which would make a delightful Christmas gift for a loved one. If fans can’t wait that long, then Meisterwerk III will be out very soon – a compilation CD to complement the other two previously released Meisterwerk records.”

Roadburn Festival takes place from April 20 to April 23 2017 at 013, Tilburg, Netherlands. My Dying Bride will perform on April 22.

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