American brutal death metal quartet Gorgasm have unleashed a brand new track from their upcoming album Destined To Violate.


Coming in at just over two minutes and aptly titled ‘Infected With Lunacy’ it’s as skull-crushingly heavy as expected and available to watch/listen below.


Destined To Violate will be the band’s fourth full-length and follows on from 2011’s delightfully named album Orgy Of Murder. It is set to be released on July 31 through New Standard Elite and is available to pre-order from their website here.


Featuring 13 tracks of unrelenting brutality with titles that would make Cannibal Corpse think twice (Funeral Gangbang or Mouthful Of Menstruation anyone?) it’s a must for fans of the extremely extreme.


To keep up to date with Gorgasm give them a like on Facebook.


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