Let’s face it, being the mastermind behind a one man depressive black metal project gets you some serious underground credibility. This is compounded when you live in Malaysia, a country with a less than positive view of the genre. Filsufatia, the brainchild of Benign Nor Hafeez, has thrown the first track of the upcoming 2013 demo, A Million Miles Nowhere, into the wild for free for all who want it.


Commenting on the creative process behind the track, Benign mentioned that the name, A Million Miles Nowhere, “was a title that got stuck in my head since last year.” The song was born out of putting oneself in the position of “reflecting about each chapter of your life with regret and how that regression would influence your experience with life.” “You know the term ‘the million mile stare?’ That nowhere stare you would do every time you reflect about your life?” That is what the song is meant to bring out.


As it progresses, the song puts the listener in a pensive frame of mind, letting the beautifully discordant waves wash over them. It is really a testament to what seven years of refinement can do.


Benign cites influences for the track as Woods of Desolation, Cold World, Thy Light and Neftaraka.


The track is available to listen to free on SoundCloud –


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