Featured Blog: “Gestapofiend…ZT, Censorship and the Truth”

I’m beginning to that believe Zero Tolerance Magazine is not in fact, an independent publication run from a tiny office in the midlands… according to some disgruntled souls, it’s the nexus of all evil: a commune of despicable shit merchants now bent on suppressing the views of freedom-loving fascists! Some of you seem to think we’re banking cheques from Mossad and the PMRC because we refuse to print your boring NS rants (what have they got to do with music, by the way?) and really, nothing spells injustice like a Nazi who cries about the freedom of speech. The complaints are getting more and more pathetic these days, so I figure it’s time for a little piss and vinegar. To those who would use us as a soapbox: Zero Tolerance is a serious publication – a professional mag with regular writers, worldwide distribution and printing costs in the tens of thousands. We are NOT a photocopied zine or an ideological pissing ground. We do not print fascist rhetoric outside of proper context (see Issue 038) for a number of reasons, some involving courts and a shitload of cash. ZT does not practice censorship – we use common sense. Printing in the UK involves media watchdogs, laws and the possibility that some curious WWII veteran might shit a brick if he sees you sieg heiling from a double-page spread.  We deliver extreme views on extreme music…not vice versa. No more lies. No more crybaby shit. If you don’t like it…THEN DON’T READ.

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