Order, the mysterious low-profile act that has been slowly gathering people to its fan page since last summer, have recently revealed who the dark figures behind the group really are.


This new troupe of cult Norwegian old-schoolers consists of none other than original Mayhem drummer Kjetil Manheim, original Mayhem vocalist Eirik ‘Messiah’ Nordheim, original Cadaver bassist René Jansen and Cadaver main man/guitarist Anders ‘Neddo’ Odden.


Very little is known about the group or their future plans (whether this will be a full or part time venture, etc.), however they have assured us that material is currently being written. The band’s mission statement is simply, “Formed anno 2013 to restore order and celebrate Pure Fucking Armageddon for all!”. Enough Said.


For further news on all things Order, keep an eye on their official band page.


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