DRI founding member and guitarist Spike Cassidy has been admitted to a hospital for complications and an infection stemming from his total colectomy earlier this month.  A total colectomy is the procedure of removing the entire colon, which Cassidy underwent as part of his treatment against colon cancer.  Cassidy’s doctors have found the cause of the infection, and he is currently being treated and expected to be released from the hospital in a matter of a few days.


As can be understood, this will possibly effect the band’s expected touring schedule which includes dates in South America, as well as a full North American tour and a few select dates in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.  According to http://dirtyrottenimbeciles.com, the band will be touring Europe in the summer in time for festival season.  Currently, there is no mention on the DRI website regarding an update on Cassidy’s condition or the postponing of tour dates.


Cassidy was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004 and underwent a procedure in 2006 to remove a one foot (approximately 30.50 centimeters) of his large intestine, as well as combatting cancer with chemotherapy.  So far, Cassidy has successfully battled the cancer.


DRI (short for Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) formed in Houston, TX in 1982 and became a strong underground sensation in the thrash metal and hardcore punk realms, and considered to be one of the pioneers of crossover thrash.  In early 2010, Beer City Records reissued their album “Crossover,” considered by many to be the band’s apogee.  The 2010 reissue, called “Crossover – Millenium Edition” was remastered by the album’s original producer, Bill Metoyer, and contained 11 bonus tracks, 5 of which are from the band’s live show at The Ritz in New York City.



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