Mike Patton has reunited with his former Mr Bungle band mate Trey Spruance for the new Secret Chiefs 3 seven inch, entitled ‘Traditionalists: La Chanson de Jacky / Exile’.


Patton lends his distinct vocal tones to the majestically sweeping cover of Jacques Brel’s ‘La Chanson de Jacky’, which splices the both the original French and Scott Walker’s acclaimed English versions together. The latter offering on the release ‘Exile’ is a re-imagining of  the’ Book of Horizons’ track of the same name but with a twist, officially  described as a “spaghetti-seasoned marination”.


The collaboration seems to have sparked interest amongst fans in the relations between Patton and Spruance since the disbanding of Mr Bungle in 2000, which resulted in the two happily going their separate ways. Whether or not this is to be a one off occurrence or the start of more projects together remains to be seen, as Spruance also contributed to the recent South American dates of the reformed Faith No More. However, the record will still be a big boost to those who covet the idea of these two maestros of musical innovation combining their intellect once more, in the name of sonic perfection.

Trey Spruance



‘Traditionalists: La Chanson de Jacky / Exile’ is available now via:


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