DECLINE OF THE I, France’s post black metal act fronted by A.K., acknowledged for his commitment in Vorkreist and Merrimack, have announced they will be releasing their debut album “Inhibition” through Poland’s Agonia Records. The full-length, being described by the band as a mix between Burzum, Neurosis and Code, is due out September 25th in Europe and November the 6th in North America.


A.K. told ZT more about the concept of the album: “This first album is just the first step of a trilogy. I’ve all the path to follow in my mind. You should read the work of Henri Laborit about the different ways to react when you are confronted to an agression (physical, social, moral…) to understand it better. This record is slow, and loud, but with some tensions. I made someting very direct but also complexe at the same time. It’s definitly a way of seeing what life can be when you are stuck between the walls of your own limits”.


Snippets off the album are available for streaming HERE and HERE.

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