The new supergroup known as Corrections House have released the track “Serve or Survive” online via Pitchfork.  The song previewed is a hint of what is to come when this group releases their debut full-length, “Last City Zero,” on October 29 through Neurot Records.


Corrections House – comprised of Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont and Sanford Parker (Circle of Animals), and Mike IX (EyeHateGod) –   first made public performances earlier this year on a two week tour to introduce the world to their sound, with the 7 inch single “Hoax the System/Grin With a Purpose” released later that Spring.  During their live performances, it was as if the group was blending the talents of its members into one eclectic unit, with each member having a ‘solo moment’ of sorts to showcase his own abilities, all with stellar results.  Think of it as the soundtrack to the inner thoughts of a madman, or maybe an evil genius.


The group recently signed with Neurot Records, who is scheduled to release their debut “Last City Zero” on October 29.  The 8-track, 50 minute aural assualt was produced by bandmember Sanford Parker at various studios.

“Last City Zero” Track Listing:

1. Serve or Survive

2. Bullets and Graves

3. Party Leg and Three Fingers

4. Run Through the Night

5. Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill

6. Hallows of the Stream

7. Last City Zero

8. Drapes Hung by Jesus



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