A cartoon version of Phil Anselmo is roaming the internet, teaching you how to cook. The show Cooking Hostile takes lyrics the mighty Anselmo has sang at various points of his career and changes them into recipe instructions.


The metal world loves cooking – it should be obvious by now. Combine that with a love for cartoons and something truly mouth-watering may come out! Cooking Hostile is the creation of Joey Siler, singer for the Pantera tribute band Good Friends & A Bottle Of Whiskey. The band play songs of the mighty Anselmo repertoire and twist the lyrics to fit the needs of a cooking lesson. In the process, the creators make a parody out of metal’s familiar faces.


“Cooking Hostile started out with a two and a half minute pilot Episode Cooking Hostile! with Phil Anselmo that went viral in just days upon it’s release and received an overwhelming positive response from online websites and got ‘TWO BIG THUMBS UP’ from Phil Anselmo personally.”Siler comments, obviously pleased.


The third episode aired on 28 March 2014 and we can only hope for more- soon!


Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals continue their U.S. tour.

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