More than three years have passed since Blood Magick Necromance’s release and Austrian blackened death sadists Belphegor return with new album, Conjuring The Dead. The band’s tenth full-length will be released on 5 August (North America), 8 August (EU/Brazil) and 11 August (UK, France) 2014 via Nuclear Blast.


Belphegor take no prisoners and Conjuring The Dead is bound to prove this once more. The band’s new album was recorded at Mana Studios (Florida, US) under the direction of Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel), and according to the band,  “Belphegor are back to conquer […] Possessed, on fire and stronger than ever!”


In contrast to Blood Of Kingu‘s news blackout, Belphegor have produced a studio report for all those keen to see what’s on the horizon, and you can watch it right here:




Conjuring The Dead full tracklisting:
1. Gasmask Terror

2. Conjuring The Dead

3. In Death

4. Rex Tremendae Majestatis

5. Black Winged Torment

6. The Eyes

7. Legions Of Destruction

8. Flesh, Bones And Blood

9. Lucifer, Take Her!

10. Pactum In Aeternum


conjuring the dead


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