Blood Of KinguBlood Of Kingu have announced a new album! The band’s third offering, titled Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon, will be released by Season Of Mist on 29 August 2014 (North America 2 September 2014).


Blood Of Kingu were formed in 2005 at Karkiv, Ukraine and play ritualistic black metal, fronted by Drudkh’s Roman Saenko (vocals, guitars, keyboards). In fact, their lineup also includes Krechet, Thurios and Vlad, all of them Drudkh members as well.  And as you might come to expect, it’s all a bit of a mystery: they’ve made no announcements about the upcoming release, will provide no promo pictures, nor will they play live. That said, they were kind enough to pass on the cover art and a full tracklisting, which you can see below. We doubt that any further light will be shed on the release by this enigmatic bunch, so you’ll just need to sit tight until August.


Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon full tracklisting:

1. Crowned Scarlet Moon Is Waiting For Eclipse
2. He Who Is Not To Be Named
3. Mother Hydra
4. Enshrined In The Nethermost Lairs Beneath The Oceans
5. Red Star On The Path Of Ea
6. Sigil Of The Watcher
7. Prayer To The Gods Of Night
8. The Bringer Of Pestilence
9. The Cycle Returneth


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