Available together for the first time ever, Relapse Records have announced the release of Chuck Schuldiner’s pre-Death demos from his band Mantas.  Set to be released 19th June in North America and 25th June in Europe, Mantas’ “Death by Metal” will be available as a single CD, as well as 2-CD set, in addition to a vinyl edition and a limited edition box set.  “Death by Metal” was originally recorded in 1984 and has never been legitimately available to the public.





The “Death by Metal” CD versions include:


Disc 1

“Death By Metal” Demo (First Version)
01. Legion Of Doom
02. Evil Dead
03. Mantas
04. Death By Metal
05. Power Of Darkness
“Death By Metal” Demo (Second Version)
06. Legion Of Doom
07. Power Of Darkness
08. Death By Metal
09. Evil Dead
Rehearsal Early 1984
10. Legion Of Doom
11. Mantas
12. Death By Metal
13. Evil Dead
14. Rise Of Satan


Disc 2 (Deluxe CD Edition Only):

“Emotional” Rehearsal Demo 1984
01. Legion Of Doom (Take 1)
02. Legion Of Doom (Take 2)
03. Legion Of Doom (Take 3)
04. Evil Dead (Take 1)
05. Evil Dead (Take 2)
06. Mantas (Take 1)
07. Mantas (Take 2)
Live at Knights Of Columbus Hall in Orlando, Florida September 1, 1984
08. Legion Of Doom
09. Zombie
10. Demon Flight
11. Death By Metal
12. Evil Dead
13. Power Of Darkness
14. Black Magic
15. Evil Chuck Solo
16. Beyond The Unholy Grave
17. Poison


Also available will be 100 limited edition box sets, which include the following:

*A Guaranteed numbered 1-100 press of the Death By Metal 2CD Deluxe Version (1000 Total Press)

*An Exclusive “Death Haze” Color Press of Death By Metal 12″ LP (Limited to 100 Copies, Only Available in this Package)

*An Exclusive T Shirt with the infamous Mantas band photo from Death By Metal (Limited to 100 Copies, Only Available in this Package)

*A killer re-creation of the original Death By Metal Demo on Cassette! (Limited to 100 Copies, Only Available in this Package)


Pre-orders are currently available at


Mantas originally formed in 1983 and consisted of Schuldiner (aged 16 at the time) along with friends Rick Rozz and Kam Lee.  In early 1986, Schuldiner would move to Toronto, Canada to play with Canadian metal band Slaughter, and would return to Florida shortly thereafter to form Death, who would release their first album, “Scream Bloody Gore,” in May 1987, and go on to an extremely successful career.  Sadly, Chuck Schuldiner passed away on 13 December 2001 after battling with pontine glioma, a malignant form of brain cancer.

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