Croatian death/black metal clan Attera are currently busy in the studio working on their debut full-length “S.I.N.”. No further details on the album have been announced as of yet but in an exclusive statement for ZT the band reveal:


“The album will be a mixture of black and death metal. We tried to create something we avoid to call original, but something with our stamp on it. The full-length will consist of 9 tracks, there will be something for everyone. Everything will be recorded in Crna Zemlja studio in our hometown, Osijek. We already uploaded first track from album, titled ‘Nakot’. It is a song in our language, but we clearly feel it represents the whole picture of a band”.


1. Pologue
2. Emperium of Benevolence
3. Nakot (streaming available at THIS LOCATION)
4. Children of Janus
5. Substance
6. Zlotvor
7. Tu Fui Ego Eris
8. Barren Light
9. S.I.N.

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