Polish old school black/death metal barbarians Bestial Raids have now released the vinyl version of their second album “Prime Evil Damnation” thru the semi-cult Nuclear War Now! Productions. It consists of eight tracks that are said to be “uniformly aggressive and there is seldom any reprieve from the relentless assault. Bestial Raids explore the revelatory nature of ritualistic violence and desecration; their music reflecting the ascension of higher consciousness through the worship of depravity”. That said, intro and backing vocal duties were carried out by Vaz and Impurath of the Black Witchery infamy.


The band will play their first show following the release of “Prime Evil Damnation” on October 28th in Vienna, Austria alongside Truppensturm, Blasphemous Noise Torment and Abhorrot.


The CD version of the album will follow in the next few weeks. You can stream all featured songs now at THIS LOCATION.

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