Disciples of the Cthulhu cult Shub-Niggurath, allfathers of Mexican obscure sound of blackened death metal, have announced the release of their second  full-length album in 21 years of the band’s existence. “A Deadly Call From The Stars” is going to be released on October 19th via Luxinframundis Productions and will reportedly consist of eight brand new blashemies that will summon the Ancient Ones to curse this Earth. Which basically means the band will once again pay their homage to such classics of the extreme metal scene as Bathory, Morbid Angel and Sarcofago.


A snippet from the album is available for streaming HERE.


On the same date Luxinframundis Productions will also reissue another Mexican classic – The Chasm’s “Procreation of the Inner Temple”, which was originally released back in 1994.

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