Pioneering sickos Autopsy have revealed the cover art and track listing for their upcoming compilation album.

“All Tomorrow’s Funerals” is to be released on February 28th through Peaceville Records and contains all of Autopsy’s EPs in a 22-track collection, remastered by the band themselves, as well as some new songs.


Autopsy’s assortment of grotesquery will be available on CD and LP, featuring original artwork, liner notes from the band and new cover art from Matt Cavotta.


All 4 EPs included have been out of print so those with a horrific obsession for gore should find their lust satisifed with this compilation that spans from “Retribution For The Dead” to the now-sold-out “The Tomb Within”.

“All Tomorrow’s Funerals”:
1. All Tomorrow’s Funerals (new track)
2. Broken People (new track)
3. Mauled To Death (new track)
4. Maggot Holes (new track)
5. The Tomb Within
6. My Corpse Shall Rise
7. Seven Skulls
8. Human Genocide
9. Mutant Village
10. Horrific Obsession
11. Feast of the Graveworm
12. Funereality
13. Fiend For Blood
14. Keeper Of Decay
15. Squeal Like A Pig
16. Ravenous Freaks
17. A Different Kind of Mindfuck
18. Dead Hole
19. Retribution For The Dead
20. Destined To Fester
21. In The Grip of Winter
22. Sign of the Corpse


The band stated: “The few new tracks for ‘All Tomorrow’s Funerals’ came out brutal and heavy as hell. Along with the newly written songs, we did a revamped version of ‘Mauled To Death’, which is the very last of the old songs that needed a proper album quality recording.

“This album will also contain all four EPs, all of which are out of print, as well as a compilation track from 1991, so the grand total is 22 tracks. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for quite awhile, getting all the loose chunks together in one place rather than having them split up and added on as bonus tracks here and there.

“Everything has been painstakingly remastered with the band’s guidance and sounds better and more crushing than ever. And don’t worry, we didn’t get carried away and ruin anything! Combine all that with killer new cover art from Matt Cavotta and we’ve got one hell of release.”


Autopsy is currently working on new material for their next album, due out late 2012/early 2013. The band assures: “We can definitely promise more of what you would expect from Autopsy. There will be no compromise and no holding back. If you want 100% pure death metal brutality, you will certainly get it.”

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