Norwegian dealers in extreme metal Enthral have set March 19th as the release date of their fourth full-length album “Obtenebrate”, their first yet reportedly monumental effort since 2003’s “Subterranean Movement” (not counting the 2010 mini-album “Spiteful Dirges”).


“‘Obtenebrate’ is like a malign force, pullling you in and leaving you smothered in its wake. Clocking in at nearly 70 minutes, yet feeling like 50, it is as technically adept, imaginative and diverse as it is brutal, intense and dark. Death, black or dark metal – Enthral encompass these and more. Having subsisted in the Norwegian black metal underground since 1995, yet never really getting past the ‘critics favourite; mark, it is about time people take notice of Enthral. Judging by this album anything else seems downright unlikely”, reads the PR sheet.


“Obtenebrate” will be released via Norway’s Duplicate Records as a digipak CD with a 12 page booklet, adorned with amazing artwork by Gunnhild Bratset and layout by Robert Høyem.

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