Irish grindcore quartet Abaddon Incarnate have penned a deal with Candlelight Records and will be releasing their first album for the label in the coming months.  


Formed in Dublin after the end of death/thrash bruisers Bereaved in 1994, the band stuck to the death metal path for their first couple of demos and debut album, 1999’s The Last Supper. It was on the following full-length, Nadir, where they veered towards a more grindcore-orientated direction which they’re yet to leave behind.


Speaking about their new home the band said: “We are pleased and excited to announce that we are signing to Candlelight Records for the release of our 5th album, Pessimist. We have been fans of the Candlelight roster for many years and we feel Candlelight’s extreme metal background, professional attitude and proximity to Ireland make them the best choice to release our latest album. We are looking forward to working with them!”


Pessimist will be the band’s fifth studio album, after Dark Crusade in 2003 and 2009’s Cascade, their comeback after a four-year hiatus. Their last recorded material was a six song split EP with Orange County grinders Phobia they released back in 2011.


However, Pessimist will soon change that. Recorded and mixed in just three days (with all the vocals done in one take!) to capture the true live element and frenzied atmosphere, it’s sure to be an exciting and possibly dangerous listen.


Still not intrigued? Have a listen to their new song ‘Fear’ from the album below and make up your own mind.


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