After a six-year hiatus, Swedish industrial metallers 8th Sin are back to the grind with militant beats that beg you to dust off your old platforms.

Reminiscent of the club days, with dark lyrics and grungy vocals, 8th Sin’s newest album, “Cosmogenesis,” will have you stomping and headbanging until your limbs are numb.

Available NOW throughout Europe via Soulseller Records, and everywhere else on February 3, 2013.

The CD contains 15 tracks with six of them included as bonus materials.  Two epic covers include Depeche Mode’s “Walking in My Shoes,” and Venom’s “Black Metal” featuring guest vocals by Pete Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, PAIN).

The band was formed over 12 years ago by vocalist IT a.k.a. Tony Särkkä (Vondur, Ophthalamia, Abruptum, War) and guitarist/producer, Michael Bohlin (PAIN).

“Cosmogenesis,” which fulfills the band’s three-album trilogy (Sinners Inc. 2004, Angelseed & Demonmilk 2005), has earned the band fans worldwide with their innovative approach to industrial goth rock.

Bohlin completed the final touches on the album just shortly before PAIN’s latest 2012 European tour and Zero Tolerance were able to sneak in a couple of quick questions about the group’s latest work:

ZT:  Michael, as a producer and guitarist, what things influence your work the most?

Michael Bohlin: [Influences include] Everything that sounds! I listen to music in a different way than most normal people do, as I am very much into production and sounds. I can like an album just because of the production and not only because of the songs. One of my favourite albums soundwise is ”History” with Michael Jackson – that production just blew me away! Or any given ABBA album! But I have to mention that anything with Judas Priest is also an influence to me.

ZT:  How has 8th Sin differed from other projects of which you’ve been a part? What do you love the most about it?

Michael Bohlin:  The biggest difference is that it has been my creative side going bananas. I didn’t have to do something that other people were expecting, or playing what I was told to play or finding a sound that a record company liked. It was me letting my creative side flow free, and just writing music that I would love to listen to myself. If I wanted to turn something backwards and put distortion on it, I did it!

8th Sin Members:
-IT (lead, backing vocals)
– Michael Bohlin (guitars, programming, backing vocals)
– Johan Husgafvel (bass)
– Zach Ahlvik (drums)



Cosmogenesis Track Listing:

01. Teonanacatl (Flesh Of The Gods)
02. Perfectly Wrong
03. Precession Of The Equinoxes
04. ID Zero
05. Safety Exit
06. Plumed Serpent Rise
07. Ekpyrosis
08. Cosmogenesis
09. The Eight Sins – Part III

Bonus tracks:

10. Walking In My Shoes
11. Black Metal
12. Irreligious – Mobhead 12 Mix
13. A Sleepover At The Feeling Of Death – Mobhead 12 Mix
14. Irreligious – Rectifier Club Mix 135
15. The 11th Commandment



Cosmogenesis  also features:



Joacim Thenander – the “Mobhead” remixes

Pontus Norgren – guitar solo on “Teonanacatl (flesh of the gods)”

PM Saari – guitar solo on “Walking in my shoes”

Anders Olsson – guitar solo on “Walking in my shoes”

Martin Boman – guitar solo on “Walking in my shoes”

Eric Rivers – guitar solo on “Walking in my shoes”

Magnus Lundkvist – additional backing vocals and guitar solo on “Walking in my shoes”

Joacim Cans – additional backing vocals on “Walking in my shoes”

Catherine Forsberg – additional backing vocals

Ira Keelyn – additional backing vocals and female words on “Presession of the equinoxe”

Alexandra Balogh – additional backing vocals

Kimmy Bohlin – co-lead vocals on “Safety exit”

Peter Tägtgren – co-lead vocals on “Black metal”

Joacim Lundberg – co-lead vocals on “Walking in my shoes”




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