Sathanas, the black death outfit from Pennsylvania, have been around almost forever. They formed in 1988, and since signing to Pagan Records, they’ve been preaching the glorious word of Lord Satan without rest or respite. And they’ve just announced that the writing for their next release, ‘Worship the Devil’, has begun.

Normally a band writing new material is a fairly unremarkable; it’s their job. However, its only been six months since the release of ‘La Hora de Lucifer’, the band’s eighth and latest full-length album.

The band tells fans to “expect the most punishing Sathanas to date! A new era of old-school devil music.” And you know what, I’m okay with that.

Have some Sathanas: YouTube (Ever Falling Darkness)

Picture Credit: Chris Moyen | Morbid Moon Records

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