Austrian power metallers Serenity are on the verge of releaseing their fourth full length album, “War Of Ages”, through Napalm Records. They are also gearing up to bring the battle to stages across Europe in association with ZT. So, we thought it was high time we caught up with the band to shed some light on what promises to be a busy and successful few months for the band…


ZT: The new album War Of Ages is fast approaching, what can we expect from the release?


S: We definitely expect to approach new fans and new listeners, increasing our fan base and spreading our music concept all around the world. The possibility to play as many headlining shows as possible, especially where we never played before, would be an incredible result for us, that’s absolutely what we are aiming for now.


ZT:  How have things progressed since the last full length, Death And Legacy?


S: We had the chance to tour a lot, first supporting acts as special guests for bands like Delain, Leaves’ Eyes, where we’ve been playing all around Europe. The Out of the Dark Festival in 2011 brought us back on the road right after few months and this was an incredible added value, where we were able to consolidate our crowd and bring new people in. We then started thinking about the new album, and writing the material which can be found on “War Of Ages” now. Also important for us was  our headlining tour in March 2012, the very first time for us, including important appearences at events like supporting Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull in July, and such great festival like Prog Power USA in September. All this helped us gain ideas, concepts and lyrics, and the very last part of 2012 was spent only on this new record.

ZT: You recently made your live vocalist Clementine Delauney a permanent member of the band; what prompted you to take this step?


S: When we started our collaboration together we immediately had the feeling Clementine was the right person. She’s an extremely talented vocalist, with a great stage performance and relevant lyrical capacity. We saw the stunning reaction of the crowd along our tours and this made us thinking of taking such a decision. Obviously, we took our time to discuss; to analyze what was the best for the band and we all decided this was the right choice! I think our fans are pretty happy with that too!


ZT: You are about to embark on a 10 date tour around Europe, landing in London on 25-03. Are you looking forward to returning to our shores?


S: You know, the album brought us off stage for too long, so now that’s what we are mostly looking forward! This first leg of headlining tour will take through some countries of Europe, and UK is definitely on the list! London has always been one of the best places for us to play and where we have a lot of fans! The English shores won’t be disappointed, as well as the rest! More gigs will be also announced soon!

ZT: What can people expect to see on this tour? And do you have any surprises planned?


S: Surprised are surprised, not going to be revealed.

Oh well, jokes apart, we’ll bring on stage some of the new material, as well as the best of our old one! Do expect us to show you some new stage outfits, new choreo, and who knows, some special gifts! If you want to know more about it, just attend our shows : you won’t be disappointed!!



Tour dates:


Serenity | Visions Of Atlantis | Souldrinker


22.03.13 AT – Wörgl / Komma
23.03.13 DE – Köln / Underground
24.03.13 NL – Roermond / ECI
25.03.13 UK – London / Boston Music Room
26.03.13 BE – Brusseles / Magasin 4
27.03.13 DE – Aschaffenburg / Colos Saal
28.03.13 FR – Paris / GlazArt
29.03.13 FR – Lyon / MJC o Totem
30.03.13 CH – Pratteln / Z7 Gallery

27.04.13 AT – Wein / Aera





Words } Paul Carter

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