Impaled Nazarene (Fin), Cirith Gorgor (NL), Attic (Ger), Craven Idol, Funeral Throne, Warbastard, Decrepit Monolith

@ Northumbria Students’ Union, Newcastle – 28/9/2013 Doors 15:30


With the ZT sponsored extravaganza only weeks away, ZT spoke to BRO(UK) promoter Martin Wolfsgard.


ZT: You have assembled a rather varied line-up, how did it come about?


MW: The idea originally started as a one-off show for Cirith Gorgor – a band that Bro(UK) Promotions have wanted to get over here for some time now, and it just snowballed from there! We were in touch with Attic at the same time too, another band that we’re really excited about and will be making their first ever live appearance in this country on the 28th. We were looking for a headline act to bring the whole thing together and as soon as Impaled Nazarene heard of the idea they jumped right on board and the event was born! There’s been a bit of a lack of decent extreme metal shows in the North East for some time now so it’s a great opportunity to catch some rare acts on these shores and as you say it’s a pretty varied line-up, covering most of the black/thrash/death/heavy metal spectrum so there should be something for everyone!


ZT: Were there any particular trials/tribulations to get the foreign bands to play?


MW: All the bands have been completely supportive of the show from the beginning! None of the foreign bands have been to Newcastle before and they’re all really excited about playing a gig in the hometown of Venom! As a relatively new band, this will be the first time Germany’s Attic have played in the UK. Dutch legends Cirith Gorgor played a couple of shows in Scotland back in 2010 but didn’t venture south of the border and despite putting out some of the most consistent black metal for nearly 15 years they’ve never played in England before, so they are really excited about this opportunity! Many people from the North East still remember Finnish maniacs Impaled Nazarene were expected to play in Newcastle back in 2002 on a tour that was eventually pulled, so a lot of people have been waiting a long time to see them! It’s been 6 years since Impaled Nazarene were last in the UK at all so again they have been really looking forward to this show from the start!


ZT: What can you tell us about the British talent showcased.


MW: We have an equally diverse range of UK support acts for the show, all with some pretty exciting releases in the pipeline too! First up is local lads Decrepit Monolith, playing a brutal black metal style akin to Behemoth or Belphegor. With a debut EP out soon this lot will be making some waves in the local scene for sure! Warbastard have become pretty well established in the North East over the last 10 years and their live shows are always a rare treat! The show on the 28th will actually be the release party for the debut album “Principia Thrashmatica” which is out now at last, courtesy of Norwegian label Demonhood Productions (home of some of the best new black/thrash acts like Cobalt 60, Condor and Korgull the Exterminator!) Expect shameless ’80s German Thrash worship and enough high-pitched squeals to blow your mullet clean off! Next up we have Midlands-based Black/Death Doomsters Funeral Throne who are returning to Newcastle after playing a blinding set in support of Aura Noir last year. Their sophomore album ‘Threshold’ is due out soon and the teasers released so far show a progression and maturity in their sound that will certainly appeal to fans of the likes of Dissection and Bathory! Finally we have the welcome addition of Craven Idol, making the trip up from London for their first show in the North! Expect an aggressive black metal assault in the vein of Absu or Nifelheim and plenty of sore necks in the morning! Craven Idol will release ‘Towards Eschaton’ on October 15th through American label Dark Descent Records and the band should be showcasing some tracks from the new record at the show in Newcastle!


ZT: What else should we know about the show?


MW: The headline acts will certainly not disappoint! Despite having most of a new album written already, Impaled Nazarene promise to deliver a totally old-school show! In the words of frontman Mika Luttinen – “We don’t want to air any new stuff because people will just stare – we wanna see audience going nuts! This is Impaled Nazarene, not fuckin’ Dream Theater! The set we have been playing is pretty much all old school shit, focusing heavily on the “Suomi Finland Perkele” album. Apart from this, we all are really excited as this is our first show in the UK since 2006. It has been way too long and we will come back with a fucking vengeance!” Cirith Gorgor too are going to be playing a special setlist that will span their entire back catalogue, as well as introducing a new track called “Proclamation of Destruction” for the first time!

Other than that, the show kicks off early with doors at 3.30 so you can be sure to expect a full day of quality extreme metal, the odd bit of goat sacrificing and plenty of cheap booze (it is a student’s union in the North East after all!) The aftershow party will take place at Trillians Rock Bar, spinning classic metal tunes till 2am! There will also be some sneak peeks at upcoming releases from several of the bands involved in the show as well as serving as the official Warbastard album launch party so it’s definitely not to be missed!


See event’s page HERE.

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