TGIAC-promo-RGB-small-Hannah_SavvasWe’ve teamed up with Season Of Mist to give you a preview of a new track from Sweden’s misanthropes This Gift Is A Curse entitled ‘We Use Your Dead As Vessels’.

The track comes from their new album, All Hail The Swinelord, due for worldwide release on October 16. The band had this to say: “The track ‘We Use Your Dead As Vessels’ was one of the first that we had ready for the album despite a few changes of its shape. We rented a small room over some kind of metal workshop where we recorded the all the guitars, bass and even main vocal parts, but we were only allowed to record there during nighttime. This was tearing at us as we also tried to maintain some kind of daytime life with various obligations. As the room was extremely packed with equipment we could almost not move, which made the whole recording very claustrophobic. Some of these tensions can be felt in the atmosphere of the album. We wanted to add diversity to the mix and create a bigger sound than before. This song really benefited from this. We asked our friend Billie Lindahl (Stiu Nu Stiu, Promise And The Monster) to lay down some additional vocals on a few tracks. Something we had never tried before.  Billie was deep into these Bulgarian mystic ‘grief choirs’ and her own take on those fitted in with this album. It was a great match and just amazing (haunting and eerie) to be in that studio, when she put lyrics down. The theme of ‘grief’ suits this track as its lyrics deal with a yearning for death. ‘We Use Your Dead As Vessels’ is about leaving the physical form you have been dealt and all the guilt of being entrapped in this hideous thing called life behind. Although, bear in mind the symbolism and the distinctions between ‘truth’ and lies of what we perceive as reality.”

You can pre-order the album at this location, and make friends with the band here.




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