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Hailing from South Africa, but now firmly ensconced on our English shores, the darkened primal enigma that is The Medea Project are preparing to release new EP Reflections through Trepanation Recordings. A cassette EP that features two different versions of this track that they have chosen for the video premiere, as well and unique covers from Tiamat, Venom and Motörhead.

With every release The Medea Project carve fever dreams and dark fantasies from sound, drag rough hewn entities from a swirling sonic chaos. Their songs are raw and primal, their creativity spawned in a place long forgotten by some, never known by most. With new EP, Reflections, they hold up a broken mirror to the visages of some of the most iconic purveyors of groundbreaking, innovative music, capturing shattered, distorted images of their classic familiar sounds. Black metal gods Venom, heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll legends Motörhead and dark, progressive, gothic dreamers Tiamat all find themselves captured in The Medea Project’s blackened carnival mirror. The faces you know so well look back at you, rippled, inverted, contorted… Nor have The Medea Project refrained from staring into this abyss of their own making, offering up two new interpretations of one of their most hypnotic and atmospheric songs – ‘The Ghosts Of St Augustines’ from their Sisyphus album. This most enigmatic of bands have used their mastery of sonic necromancy to summon forth a collection of thrilling and unnerving visions, rich in temptation and terror.
Reflections will be released through Trepanation Recordings on April 28th on both digital and cassette formats and features some brilliant artwork, created for The Medea Project by Daniel Bollans of death/doom metal outfit Consecration. The hand drawn image hides a myriad of secrets, just like the music it accompanies

Track Listing:

1 – The Ghosts Of St Augustines MMXXII
2 – Warhead (Venom)
3 – The Ghosts Of St Augustines (Video Edit)
4 – Cain (Tiamat)
5 – Nightmare/The Dreamtime (Motörhead)

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