So, it’s Friday the 13th – and we couldn’t let that go to waste here at ZT towers. So, we have teamed up with Russian grinders Smothered Bowels to bring you a premiere of the stunning video for their track U.S. Butcher.

This is more than a mere promo video, this is a full on high production value mini move documenting the horrifying tale of the U.S. Butcher. So, this is not for those of a nervous disposition. If that is you then look away now!

However, for those who love horror, gore and meat cleavers, strap yourselves in for a wild ride with one of the best videos we’ve ever seen! Paying homage to classics of the horror/slasher genre, the U.S. Butcher is coming…

U.S. Butcher is taken from the subtly titled Dead C*nt Dance album, set for release on November 10th through Bizarre Leprous Productions.


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