We’re chuffed to bring you a brand new track from Costa Rica’s Corpse Garden. Dark and heavy – just the way we like it – it’s well worth your attention this Friday afternoon. The track we’re sharing here is called ‘Portal To The Oneiric’ taken from the band’s new album Entheogen – which is out on May 15th! 

Corpse Garden’s axeman Federico Gutierrez talks about the band’s upcoming album Entheogen out now through Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions.

Fresh from representing Central America in the Wacken Metal Battle Final in Germany 2012 the band hunkered down in Costa Rica’s Bushido Studios with producer Juan Pablo Calvo at the helm to produce the follow-up to their 2012 debut release Burnt By the Light, the result was Entheogen

Q: Describe Entheogen in three words…
A: Heavy, hypnotizing and atmospheric.

Q: Tell us some more about Entheogen…
A: We began working on Entheogen, the followup to our debut Burnt By the Light from late 2012 and finally got it recorded by mid-2014. The album combines death metal with atmospheric and psychedelic passages. An ‘Entheogen’ is a chemical substance that was used in religious or spiritual practices to aim for transcendence, and we think this best describes what the music of this album inspires as a whole.

Q: How does Entheogen represent where as a band, you have got to so far musically?
A: Entheogen represents our most experimental work so far and also it’s a turning point for the band since we reached out to another type of musical style that we all felt was the right path for us. We moved away from the sound and style of our first album and strove for something more, something that would truly make a stand and have meaning in musical matters.

Q: What’s the metal scene like in Costa Rica and the rest of Central America?
A: The metal scene in Costa Rica is very limited, very small. Extreme metal music is not exactly the most acclaimed or supported musical style in our country but we manage and hopefully we can keep growing. To name a few other Costa Rican bands we have, Advent of Bedlam, Inhuman, Insepulto, Nostoc, Alastor SE, Heresy but there are still many more! And in the rest of Central America there is Celula from Guatemala, Virginia Clemm from El Salvador, Delirium and Krysis from Honduras and Equinoxio from Panama.

Q: What’s next for Corpse Garden?
A: We really want to reach as many people as possible with this album that is why we want to tour as many countries as possible, we are working on some dates around Central America and Mexico and hopefully Europe.

Corpse Garden PromoCorpse Garden’s Entheogen is set for release on 15th May through Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions.

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