Are we cursed? Maybe. After an erratic year for onsale dates in 2011, we started this year on a high note. Everything ran on time; the magazine went to print without so much as a hiccup. And a mighty fine edition it is too, copies were delivered in to us today. All good? Well, you’d think so wouldn’t you… This is where the paranoia of a curse comes in. Due to a mix up at the printers of precisely where the accompanying CD was meant to be stuck, the magazine’s delivery into wholesale was delayed by a couple of days. Consequently, copies won’t start to appear in stores until the weekend.


Subscription copies are already in the process of being mailed, and single copies of the new issue will be available to buy from our online shop from tomorrow.


Good things come to those who wait, right? With the issue we’ve lined up for you, we think so.


Watch this space for full content details and rest assured that your injection of musical extemity will be administered in a matter of days…

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