Over the hill at 41? Not bloody likely: Zero Tolerance Magazine is just hitting its stride!

More than seven years into our existence and now 41 issues strong, we’re still the loudest, ugliest publication you’ll find in extreme metal – and extreme MUSIC in general – but we like to flip the script from time to time…after all, isn’t that ‘extreme’? To put our money where our mouth is, we’re presenting Ulver as our latest cover story. A band that should be no stranger to any self-respecting punter, over their varied (and stratifying) career, this Norwegian vanguard have evolved from extreme metal to extreme music, perhaps charting the evolution of many of their fans’ music tastes: growing up can be bitch, eh? Russell Garwood dives headlong into this subject with all members of Ulver, roundtable-style, delivering the most thought-provoking (and philosophical!) piece you’re likely to read on the band this year.


But fear not, ye of sturdier constitution: we’re more committed than ever to unearthing the most obscure and underground action around, and our regular UGBM, Power Lines, and Anger Burning sections prove this in spades! Elsewhere, we explore the catacombs with reunited legends Autopsy and Hell, the majestic Tyr and While Heaven Wept, the always divisive Morbid Angel and Anaal Nathrakh, and plucky upstarts Portrait and In Solitude. Oh, and did we mention our unmatched Rapid Fire section? More underground action for ya. And if truth be told, our reviews section is second to none in both quality and quantity, breadth and depth. Nope, we’re not entering the grave anytime soon – far from it!


All this and more will bludgeon your ears, rot your eyes and corrupt your sickly souls until all is consumed by the kingdom of noise. Louder, faster, heavier…than ever before.


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