Isenagard Promotions are the newest addition to the the capital’s pack of metal promoters. With a ZT sponsored show coming up this Friday (see left), featuring Craven Idol, Cythraul, Aeternum, Ataud and Sturmtiger, we decided to have a few words with the lads.


ZT: What was the original idea behind Isengard Promotions? Is there an agenda of some kind?


IP: We originally started Isengard Promotions because we were sick of working with promoters who didn’t have a clue about extreme metal and really didn’t care about the bands they put on- so we figured “Hey, why not do it ourselves?”


We aim to put together quality shows, treat bands fairly and make sure the audiences have experiences they won’t soon forget.


ZT: What are your thoughts on extreme metal today? Especially in the UK?


IP: I’m actually really hopeful about the extreme metal scene at the moment, and where it’s headed. There’s definitely not a shortage of bands around at the minute that are really dedicated to their art. Whichever kind of metal you’re into, I could name at least a couple of bands that are around on the local gig scene that could burst your eardrums, smash your teeth in and leave you wanting more. I’d happily watch Sepuku, Cnoc An Tursa or Flayed Disciple over many of the bigger bands I’ve seen. The bands are out there, it’s just a question of fans leaving their houses, going to shows and supporting the bands they like so the scene doesn’t die.


ZT: What can we expect next from Isengard? Something larger perhaps?


IP: We have numerous shows planned for the rest of 2012 (check our facebook page for details), and definitely intend on putting on some bigger and better shows. Watch this space!


Check ’em out on Facebook. 

Thanks for dropping in!

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