Fallstaf is a unique set of gents that have created an ability with the use of not your average instrument the trombone and with that they have built a genre that takes heavy metal and infuses it with hardcore metal in turn sounding like “brass metal”. With this they have gone on to release an EP and even a full-length titled “Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed”. All of this in the long run is a unique style of creativity that has been built behind the minds of metal drunkenness. Bassist Ben Forte talks about his band’s latest LP and where all of this drunken matters comes to be.


1. First thing that is quite noticeable about your band is your use of the trombone, how did you manage to pull this off and why this instrument? What sets this minor object a part from all the other acts out there?


Ben: Iann, The Hitman and I have been playing together since ’94 so it’s a natural thing for us. The Hitman plays also trumpet in our other band (North East bistro). We always had a brass section in all our past projects so it’s not like we said “let’s put a trombone in it’s going to be so cool and so different!”


2. Your debut full-length album “Bastard Sons of A Pure Breed” is the follow-up to your 2009 EP “The Hitman Plays Trombone” how do the two differ?


Ben: The first one was a demo, and it sounded weak. With “bastard”, it’s loud and powerful!!


3. How does it feel to have your first ever full-length? What’s running through your mind as we speak?


Ben: It feels great! Now I’m thinking of the next one! We’re already working on some new songs.


4. Why did you want to go with naming your band Fallstaf? What does that even mean anyway?


Ben: The name Fallstaf comes from Falstaff who is a character referred to by Shakespeare in his play Henry V. He was a drunk, just like us lol!


5. Who decided which songs would go onto the record?


Ben: The five of us, all together.


6. When did you begin writing for this new album?


Ben: Three years ago. We were missing the METAL aspect in our music and we needed to get back at it. So Matt, Mike (co-lyricist) and I started writing METAL again.


7. Which of the songs would you say are your favorite?


Ben: Speaking for myself (Ben), I would say “Pull The Knife”, “Violent As Violence Can Be” and “My Demons”.


8. Tell me about the music video you have for the song “The Cost” it’s shot in the middle of nowhere in front of an old abandon house by the looks of it.


Ben: Our dear friend David Méliès helped us out on that one. He did a great job producing it, he’s a very talented artist. The video was recorded near Simm’s house, in Beauharnois. It’s not that in the middle of nowhere, it just look like it!


9. What bands do you admire?


Ben: So many! Let’s just say we like the older stuff and the new too.


10. Do you plan on hitting the road at all this year to promote this album or do you plan to sit back and save up all your energy for the New Year?


Ben: Got one more show in Beauharnois, QC with Slaves On Dope, Buffalo Theory and Kintra and after that we shall see you next year! Then we’ll work on 2012.


11. Speaking of the New Year, what are your New Year’s resolutions?


Ben: Going to sleep after the shows! Cheering with fans is so good, we have to stay up!


12. Do you plan on celebrating the other upcoming holidays?


Ben: Yes, with friends and families, taking some time off away from the stage but not for too long!


13. Do you have anything to say to the fans of Fallstaf?


Ben: You guys are great, Happy Holidays to you and you families and long live BRASS METAL!!! Find us on Facebook and you can check out our music video “The Cost” HERE  and if you like what you hear please support us on iTunes or LoudTrax.

Thanks for dropping in!

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