Elemental Recreation is a highly accomplished first EP from Wolvenguard. The five-piece from Austin, Texas, embellish cold black power charges with  addictive melodies. Here, they give Paul Castles a little glimpse into the background of this polished three-track release.

ZT: Hi fellas, thanks for speaking with Zero Tolerance. How pleased are you with your debut EP Elemental Recreation?
We are very happy with the response we’ve receIved. It’s given us the motivation for writing our first full length record.

ZT: Just tell us a little about where the recording took place and how things went.
We recorded with Cory Brunneman in San Antonio and had the mixing done by JF of Kataklysm. The process was a great first experience for us as a band. We are looking forward to returning to the studio soon.

ZT: You must be pleased with the response and reviews to the record?
We are astonished by all of the positive feedback we’ve received thus far.

ZT: Wolvenguard have been together just over a year now, do you feel the links within the band are now starting to blend into something with substance?
It has taken a while to pull things together but we are definitely in a good place currently. Everyone in the band gets along well and everyone has something special to contribute. We are excited to see what the future holds for us.

ZT: The six band members have all been involved with a variety of bands before – How does Wolvenguard compare in terms of band unity and so on?
Everyone in the band has a unique past involved with music. The different influences help to add variety to Wolvenguard’s musical direction. We all like to experiment and see what possible paths we can take the music.

ZT: On a song such as ‘Formless Aeons’ you’ve got buckets of melody, crisp clean vocals interspersed with some death growls. Is this the direction you see yourselves moving in, melody built around a black core?
‘Formless Aeons’ was definitely an experiment but does reflect a direction we would like to take our future music. Surprisingly enough that song has been the one most positively received.

ZT: The EP’s title track ‘Elemental Recreation’ references ecology and the planet. How did you react when you heard President Trump had withdrawn from the Paris Agreement which is all about climate change and preserving the planet for future generations?
‘Elemental Reclamation’ was written from a fantasy perspective. It has nothing politically charged about it. We are not a political band.

ZT: How long will we have to wait for the debut album?
We hope to return to the studio sometime this Fall.

ZT: Have there been any gigs yet and how keen are you to hit the road?
We are still working on completing a live set worth of material. But live shows and touring is on the horizon.

Thanks for dropping in!

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