Witchhammer, drummer of Colombian blackthrash die-hards Witchtrap, issued ZT with an exclusive statement, telling us about the upcoming third full-length ‘Vengeance Is My Name‘:


“Well, this new album “Vengeance Is My Name” we are about to release is a step that strengthen our style and our presence in the metal world. We are and we will be always loyal to our fans, so our new stuff is loaded with true metal out of nowadays trends; metal as pure as it can be. Some songs featured in this record were written since the “No Anesthesia” songwiting days such as “Damned To The Core” and “Vengeance Is My Name”, and some others are more recent such as “I’ll Take Your Head” and “Put To Death”. The songwriting process was nothing but having fun; we really enjoy all creativity because metal is what we love to do. We worked hard on the production of this stuff; we are not extreme perfectionists but we wanted everything to be as good as possible. Finally, I’d like to say that we are pretty satisfied with this new album, it took so much to be done; so, we hope all metal heads will enjoy listening to it as we enjoyed making it.”


See flyer for details:

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