Zero Tolerance sponsors…..

We’re busy updating details of the upcoming Zero Tolerance associated shows and festivals here (the ‘click here’ function showing more details for each sponsored show is currently disabled but will be restored later today). While we finish adding to the list, and making any important changes to lineups etc., we advise you to make a note of the latest addition and a change to an existing show. We’ll post here when we’ve added all the other additions and changes to the lives section, so watch this space!

22 Aug – The Wounded Kings | Grave Miasma | Crom Dubh @ The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London | Yes, occult doom metallers The Wounded Kings headline, blackened death metallers Grave Miasma – featured in the latest edition of ZT so check it out  – provide support, and mythological London-based Crom Dubh open for a night we’ve proudly stamped the ZT name on. Tickets are limited for this social gathering to just 150 – well, you know, it’s an intimate venue and too many candles* in one room could cause something of a health and safety hazard…

*Occult as this show might be, please leave your candles at home.

2-3 Oct – Sathanas In Gloriam,  Rotterdam, The Netherlands | In a change to the advertised headliner on the first night of this black ceremony, 2 Oct, occult black metallers Urfaust replace Nargaroth.

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