On 31 October 2013 Zemial released the stellar album Nykta. No-one expected the band to come back for more that soon; but they did. A live lineup is currently in the works, while mainman Vorskaath is working on new album with the title Lurking.


Intrigued by the rapid developments, we caught up with Vorskaath to ask about the status quo of the band.


“So far, I have completed the main frames, melodies and arrangements for four new titles, that will make up the largest part of the new album, which once again, promises to be diverse,” says Vorskaath on the new album. “Lurking is not intended to be a continuation of Nykta.  It may however expand on the concepts pioneered in Nykta as the journey becomes longer, darker, broader and more distant.” When can we expect the new album then? “I am still writing new material and have no release date as of yet.  At the pace with which I am currently writing, I think I can have most of the album composed by summer, but I shall not speak on behalf of the Muse” he explains in striking sincerity.


“A new Zemial lineup” is currently in the rehearsal room, as we are informed by the band’s facebook page. So it is only natural to ask, will this new lineup appear on Lurking? “I will record the album alone as always, though there is a track in which I may employ another guitarist in order to record drums and one guitar live.  Just to give the music a little more breath. This lineup is focused on delivering Nykta live.” The band is open to proposals: “I have not begun the booking process as of yet. I would like to hear from touring promoters and festivals that wish to book Zemial for their event. I will announce more details as they become available, via my Facebook pages.  In the meantime, all offers are welcome.”

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