Six long years have passed since Bal-Sagoth‘s memorable (for all the wrong reasons) London show during which their inimitable frontman Byron Roberts disappeared after soundchecking at the venue, and the band were forced to take to the stage with the help of audience members filling in on vocals. It was nothing short of surreal really, and moreover, really sad as the rest of the band were on top form.

And so rose Yorkshire’s Kull, formed in 2012 from the ashes of Bal-Sagoth they feature four of the former’s members – Chris Maudling, Jonny Maudling, Alistair MacLatchy, and Paul “Wak” Jackson – and after a long and arduous slog, are ready to share a track from their debut album Exile. As for vocals, these are being handled by Tarkan Alp, guitarist with UK death metal band Dyscaphia.

All good, or so it seemed. Alas, a spanner has been thrown in the works leaving the band without a release date or label, and they’ve made this statement via their Facebook page:

“The answer to how long you’re going to have to wait is a simple ‘we don’t know’. We were geared for the grand unveiling following talks with a label. Unfortunately, everything seems to have gone quiet on that front, so we are taking it that anything promised there is null and void. Consequently, we will now be approaching labels afresh to find the right home for this release. With everything recorded, mixed, mastered this *should* be an easy one from a label’s perspective. Especially considering the pedigree. We would like a traditional release for the debut. However, at this stage we are ruling out nothing. Any interested parties can contact us through the Kull Facebook page or by sending enquiries to kullmetaluk@gmail.com.”

And they end on, “Lastly, we thank you for the support you have given and the patience you have shown. We might be the foundation but you are the bulwark that gives us our strength. Alea Iacta Est.

So on that note we leave you with ‘Vow Of The Exiled’, which is to be the third track on the new album Exile. We reckon it’s a great introduction to this new phase in these musicians’ careers and hope they find a way that works for them to get the full album out to audiences far and wide. Have a listen anyway, and as always spread the word!

Kull is:
Tarkan Alp: vocals
Chris Maudling: guitars
Jonny Maudling: keyboards / synths
Alistair MacLatchy: bass
Paul “Wak” Jackson: drums

Thanks for dropping in!

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