“It has been an ordeal of gigantic proportions, but I am pleased to announce that the recording of our tenth album has now come to an end,” says a relieved Niklas Kvarforth on completing Shining‘s latest full-length, X – Varg Utan Flock [trans: Wolf Without A Pack). 

Being the musical equivalent to a jar of extra-strength Marmite, this news will be music to some people’s ears, but will no doubt be a cause of great annoyance for others. Does Kvarforth and the rest of the band care? Probably not, and the frontman continues: “I am currently working on the final visual details before this aural nightmare can be sent off to our label and fuck up your lives.” Somewhat confusingly he adds, “X – Varg Utan Flock‘ is the direct follow-up to our fifth album, but, as usual it does contain a few unexpected twists and turns that will send cold shivers down your spines. It is an honour to serve for two decades as the grand puppet-master and bringer of chaos. Let there be Blood!”

While we’re not entirely sure how a tenth album is a “direct follow-up” to their fifth, we’re sure that it’ll make an impact on its release via Season Of Mist – the precise date of which is unknown at the time of writing, but we’ll fill you in when we know more.

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