Aiming to be arguably one of the most prolific record label of today Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions have announced the latest addition to their rooster. They have inked a deal with Greece’s death metal band WAR POSSESSION (featuring members of Embrace of Thorns, Merciless Crusifixion and Wargoat) for the release of their upcoming MCD ”Through The Ages”.


The band seem to be quite happy with it, as guitarist Haris Vougiatzis issued ZT with a very short but mean statement: “From the depths of HELLenic Underground here is War Possession’s ‘Through the Ages’ debut EP. Expect nothing more than warlike death metal the old-school way!”


The minialbum is due out in November and has the following track listing:
1. In the Shadow of the Ancient Gods
2. Medieval Bloodlust
3. World War Domination (the song is available for streaming HERE)
4. A Taste of Things to Come (Chaos Awaits)
5. Deathmarch

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