Photograph by Mark Swaffield

Viviankrist release ‘3AM’ off their upcoming release, ‘Heavy Sleep’.

You know that eerie part of the night when you are not quite awake but not quite conscious and totally not asleep? Viviankrist explore this area of our nightly slumber on their new track, ‘3am’, from their forthcoming album, Heavy Sleep.

The idea for this release first began in the Spring of 2019. Recorded with heavy synthesizers, this is an intense mixture of droning soundscapes, noise and static. With both hypnotic and uneasy atmosphere, Viviankrist cut through with nightmarish tones sure to take you on a journey the next time you lie yourself down to sleep.

This album will be a part of Viviankrist’s upcoming four-part cassette boxset that is set to be unearthed this month via Ritual Productions. Also included are their previous albums of the last few years (2018-2020) Pop Incentive, Alabaster White, and Live In The Studio 2018.

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