Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to present the highly anticipated third album of the UK’s Horrified, Allure Of The Fallen, and we’re equally pleased to be streaming it here for you to listen to IN FULL ahead of its release on September 29, 2017! What are you waiting for?

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Horrified was born in 2012 with humble beginnings. An acolyte worshiping the altar of old-school death metal, founder and creator Dan Alderson would later transform the project into a full band. Like so many of their predecessors, Horrified took a sidestep and evolved into melodic and grandiose territory, adding twin-guitar harmonies and increasing its scope into epic territory without sacrificing their original vision of savage OSDM. After releasing two full-length albums on various labels, assaulting UK underground audiences with tight, energetic live performances and taking their aural onslaught to European audiences, Horrified took steps up from the underground with wide, positive acclaim for the second full-length album Of Despair.

But now, with the impending release of third album Allure Of The Fallen, Horrified has been reborn into something far more vast than ever originally imagined. Comprising six expansive tracks in an epic 46 minutes, Allure Of The Fallen finds the band in a state of musical maturity.

Full tracklisting:
01. Allure Of The Fallen
02. Light’s Dissolution
03. The Perceiver
04. Unanswered
05. Shorn
06. The Promise Of Solace

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