Those generous people over at Season Of Mist have shared a link to Archspire‘s new album, Relentless Mutation, which is out for release this Friday. You can feast your ears on the WHOLE ALBUM right here:

Full tracklist:
1. Involuntary Doppelgänger (3:46)
2. Human Murmuration (4:13)
3. Remote Tumour Seeker (4:01)
4. Relentless Mutation (4:35)
5. The Mimic Well (4:05)
6. Calamus Will Animate (3:50)
7. A Dark Horizontal (6:10)

Archspire exploded onto the scene in the year 2009 – after an earlier prelude under the moniker Defenestrated. The band grew out of the rich Canadian scene for technical extremes that includes names such as Gorguts and Beyond Creation. Yet Archspire set out to take the sound to the next level from the start as their 2011 debut album All Shall Align made clear, receiving critical comparison with the scene’s spearheads like Obscura.

The band developed a lyrical concept revolving around a dystopian science fiction universe, which was expanded on their second full-length, 2014’s The Lucid Collective, an album that saw the band gain widespread international recognition as one of the hottest names within the tech death community and beyond. With Relentless Mutation, the Canadians push the limits of their genre even further than before.

The cover of Relentless Mutation was been painted by renowned artist Eliran Kantor – already well-known in the metal world for his works for Testament, Atheist, and Hate Eternal, among others. Recording, mixing and mastering duties were handled by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio.

Archspire is:
Dean Lamb: guitar
Spencer Prewett: drums
Oliver Rae Aleron: vocals
Tobi Morelli: guitar
Jared Smith: bass

The release is available in CD and gatefold LP formats and is available at this location.

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