U.S. Christmas are a greatly underrated Appalachian folk/psych/metal outfit, who are signed to Neurot Recordings. They have released three albums on the label, including the critically acclaimed Run Thick In The Night, a sprawling, epic, multi-faceted piece of work. Imagine the cathartic intensity of Neurosis or Swans mixed with the guitar pyrotechnics of Ragged Glory-era Neil Young, and you’ll have some idea what to expect.

Aside from his duties in USX, as the band are abbreviated to, singer/guitarist Nate Hall is also an accomplished solo artist. Over the last year he has been pretty damn productive, with several self-releases on Bandcamp. The most significant was Fear of Falling, a five-track collaboration with Poison Snake. In the last month, however, he has released another collaboration with the band, entitled Blue Vein Blood, as well as SIM, a feedback-drenched jam. All these efforts showcase his awesome trippy guitar playing and unique vocal stylings, which make his music essential listening.

Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we will see the release of his collaboration with Dragged Into Sunlight – it is sure to be one of the most twisted and brilliant releases in Nate’s career.

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