Triptykon, the brainchild of Tom G. Warrior following the demise of the mighty Celtic Frost, has unveiled their plans for Melana Chasmata, the follow up to their widely praised debut Eparistera Daimones.


Melana Chasmata, the second album from gloomy Zurich-based metal group Triptykon, has been given an April 14th and April 15th release date in Europe and the US, according to Century Media Records. The album consists of nine tracks that span nearly 70 minutes and will be preceded by a two-track single that will be available from the 17th of March in 7″ vinyl form, limited to a 1000 copies, as well as a digital format.


Once again, the band have collaborated on the artwork with none other than the legendary H.R. Giger, coincidently marking out nearly 30 years since Warrior and Giger first collided together, back on the classic To Mega Therion. The album’s cover, seen above, is entitled Mordor VII and was originally conceived in 1975 – the album also utilises another Giger work Landschaft XVI as the gatefold artwork.


The press release also contains another teaser of even more Triptykon material to come sooner rather than later, stating that “Further new Triptykon music has been recorded, to be released as an EP or mini album later in 2014 or early in 2015.”


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