German War-Anthem Records is proud to annouce that Swedish thrash metal  stinking horsemen TRASH AMIGOS (featuring members of Merciless, Nirvana 2002, Death Breath, Harms Way and Dia Psalma) will release their new album “Hijos de la Chingada” on 11th of november


In an exclusive statement to ZT guitarist Pedro El Guero, formerly known as Erik Wallin, states  it clear: “EEEEHI LOCOS!! “Hijo De La Chingada”, the first album from TRASH AMIGOS, the riders of the storm! This record is nothing for the sissy pants but for crazy hombres from hell! Old school thrash metal with a touch of new evil that will make your bones shiver like a rat facing the cobra! Outfits like you’ve never seen before in the world of metal with the stench of a horse ass and tequila! This record will for sure fuck you up one way or another, but don’t be afraid, the TRASH AMIGOS will take you on a ride into the land of Chingada!”.


Fans of Slayer, old Metallica, Kreator or Exodus – take note. The first track off the album is available for audition HERE.

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