We’ve teamed up with Debemur Morti to bring you a premiere from Throane. The second full-length from Throane is the most fully realised vision of enigmatic photographer/illustrator/designer Dehn Sora (Blut Aus Nord, Ulver, Deathspell Omega).

One of the most stunning trips of the year, Plus une Main à Mordre (“No Hand Left to Bite”) seeks balance between the struggle and the letting go, passing from chaos to quiet in revelatory circular motions. Like Sora’s visual art, his music possesses a hypnotic, almost hyperreal singularity: ultra-modern meditations rendering the esoteric as familiar and the everyday as phantasmagoria.

This is a record of cities as tombs, of failing industry, corroding capitalism, fractured lives, divided peoples, isolationism and lack. The album is marked by greater confidence in its ferocity and frightening clarity of purpose in its harrowed ambience; finding kinship with greats such as Swans, Blut Aus Nord, Breach and Godflesh in hues of grey doom, post-black metal, post-hardcore and darkest industrial.

Enter into a darker world…

Plus Une Main A Mordre is available for preorder now, by clicking these links: Digipack CD | Vinyl | Digital



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